Environmental Stewardship (Person in Charge)

What is a Carbon Footprint?

Carbon dioxide, a gas, is produced when fossil fuel is burned. Gasoline, oil, and coal are fossil fuels. Fossil fuel comes from our earth’s geological past. When Carbon dioxide is produced in large quantities, it hurts our environment, because it keeps the sun’s heat in, and that is called global warming.

How Small Can You Make Your Carbon Footprint?

When you leave a room, make sure you turn the light off. Turn your computer and TV set off when you’re not using it. Have your parents unplug the cable box and chargers when they’re not using them. Notice your carbon footprint. Be a good steward of our environment.


Recycle with Composting

Composting is easy to do and can help reduce the amount of garbage you throw away and it can actually make flowers grow. Ask your parents to get a composting bin for the yard. You can also dig a hole in your yard 18" wide and 1 foot deep. Gather your banana peels, potato peels, carrot tops, corn cobs, leaves, grass clippings, coffee grinds and other plant matter and put it in the hole. sprinkle some water in it. The plant matter will decompose over time and turn into mulch, a very healthy fertilizer for your garden. After a few months, plant a flower in the spot.